Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Finger Lickin Gross !

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a well known brand world-wide. The Colonel's smiling face and his secret recipe of southern spices is a top consumer brand, with franchises all over the world. 

Here in South Africa though, all is not well with KFC. Their Facebook page is peppered with stories of bad service and even badder chicken. Take a look at this one !

We bought this from a KFC branch at N1 City shopping centre in Cape Town yesterday. it was horrible. What was even worse was the attitude of their customer service reps, a company called DSG who handle all their complaints. It took all afternoon and evening to get a response from them,other than a standard reply of going to some email address or other. 

Eventually, we got a call from Daryl Shapiro, DSG's top dude in JoBurg. He wanted the chicken sent to him by courier which he arranged. But after they banned us from their Facebook page,we preferred to take the chicken to the public health department in cape Town. 

Daryl helpfully gave me his cell number which is 082 903 0310 just in case you have a complaint too. But also, you can call 0860 100 222 and demand a free meal as compensation should you have had a bad experience. 

We'd encourage you to call - its only by pushing in this way that these big businesses can be held to account. Also, please go to our 'alternative' Facebook account, 

 and 'like' us and leave your KFC South Africa experience over there. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spectrum Properties in Glasgow

Beware- cowboy landlords are alive and well in Glasgow!

Dalmarnock-based Spectrum Properties show scant regard for the law and fail in their duty of care to tenants.
We've had constant problems with these people ever since we rented a factory unit from them. A leaky roof cause damage to expensive raw materials and the wiring in our kiln. Then flooding caused by blocked drains resulted I almost £6K of damage to our fittings and fixtures and artworks.

This bunch of sheisters refused to give us their insurance company details, and so we are now being forced to sue them for damages. We cleared the valuable things out of the warehouse, and stopped paying rent. And wrote to them informing them of this. Again, no reply. And luckily for us that we'd emptied our unit because they then proceeded to unlawfully evict us by removing our padlocks and changing the locks.

So we're now having to act against them for unlawful eviction. What a bunch of shits. Avoid them like the plague, that's our advice!

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Bank Fashion...two bywords for bad service..

We like good service here at Ballito Bay. It's been one of the things we've tried to keep up, for any of the customers at our different networks and outlets. We're quick to praise, like with Yodel delivery couriers and KLM.. Our favourite airline, and the Holiday Inn folks at East Kilbride. All great examples of fantastic service.

But Bank Fashion....oh dear oh dear. Part of the JD sports group, you'd think they'd know a thing or two about looking after folks, but apparently not. I'm not sure if the old adage, pay peanuts get monkeys applies, but it may well fit the bill. Because if two of their motley crew are anything to go by, paying them more than peanuts would be making monkeys out of their employers.

Here's a potted version of the story. Order placed via next day delivery for some clothes for a 21st birthday present. Order duly dispatched but without any checking for quality. Order received in a very poor state with substandard packaging. Boots damaged. Desperate attempts to have them replaced by physical store failed so boots had to be returned. Mobile telephone used to call their 0845 number. This took 25 minutes!!! It's the sell it and forget 'em attitude. And here's where the muppets come out to play...

Firstly, an employee called John O'Callaghan provided a false land-line number!! Talk about avoiding having to deal with an issue...does this idiot just make it up as he goes along? Or does he just not care? Stupid is as stupid does, said Forrest Gump's mother. Does the cap fit? You decide.

Then grunt number two, Adam Short is just a human version of a relay. With no obvious authority to broker a compensatory deal, he passes comments to and fro between us and his imaginary friend sitting somewhere close by. What exactly is the point of Adam Short? He appears to have not much of what one might call a useful function at Bank.

This company is one to avoid like the plague. They don't care about customers. They have employees who are clearly just not up to their roles and in one case above, the unfortunate O'Callaghan, give out false information just to fob off their customers. 25% off an order is not sufficient for your many shortcomings, Bank Fashion, part of JD Sports. It amounts to just about a tenner in this case, and for a ruined 21st birthday which could have been avoided by better product checking procedures, it's an insult.

And the monkeys at Bank fashion....you just keep on munching the peanuts. Frankly, its about all you're good for....

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Wonderfully eclectic...

...that's the new range of kitchen clocks from our pals at bottles2clocks. Not content with scavenging in bins for old alcohol bottles, they now recycle some well known food jars and bottles as well. Think Hellmans, HP, Napolina, NescafĂ©, and Heinz...  With loads more to come, they're a great addition to what must surely be the largest range of bottleclocks in the UK! Have a look here - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Refurbishing and reopening...

We've got lots going on over the next couple of months or so. Please retweet us as often as possible to spread the word around...(we remember and reward our Twitter and Facebook friends!)

We are exhibiting at this year's Art Erotica exhibition in London at the Cork Street Gallery where Ruth's Glass Sculpture "Sexual Baggage" has been shortlisted for the prize list. Details here http://www.arteroticaexhibition.com/

The sculpture and other similar works in Glass are our current exhibition on display in our Gallery. It will be re-exhibited from Feb 1st for one month.

Details can be found on our website 'glass' page

We will be having a glass jewellery sale starting on Feb 1st featuring hand-crafted and bespoke jewellery from local artists and designers at some amazing prices(many items under a tenner!)...perfect for St Valentine's Day.

We will be making glass hearts for Valentine's day. They make the perfect gift for that special other and are available in a variety of designs, including the rainbow colours and pink, as well as the usual red. They come complete with a sterling silver chain and sell at £9.99.

Our Bottle clocks will be on sale again from February 1st again at amazing prices. All your favourite drinks brands, as well as kitchen clocks ( Heinz, Marmite, HP, Olive Oil, etc) will be buy two get one free whilst stocks last, whilst single purchases will be discounted by 20%

We are currently undertaking Stained glass window commissions and restoration/repair work and are booking up to June 2012 so far. Please get in touch for any stained glass work you require.

Our Cafe will be reopening for customers from Feb 1st for Hot drinks, breakfast, cakes, and afternoon teas. *Free hot drinks for all customers spending £15 or more in our glass gallery*

Please feature these offers on your website, and Facebook as well as twitter. We are always very greatful for all the fan publicity we get from you guys :-)

We are about to start selling glass craft supplies, including all types of glass in a wide range of colours and designs, materials and sundries fro cold glass work and stained glass. We will also be selling glass working kits and tools, books, designs, DVD's and software for glass artists, craft folks and jewellery makers. Workshops and teaching sessions will also be restarting very soon. We will update you as and when these happen.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Bottles 2 clocks

Have you had a look at some of the fantastic bottle clocks and cheesboards over on our updated sister site...?


Some really great original ideas for presents. Unique and handmade from recycled glass bottles. Order on line or visit us at Ballito bay on St Andrew's Street.