Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spectrum Properties in Glasgow

Beware- cowboy landlords are alive and well in Glasgow!

Dalmarnock-based Spectrum Properties show scant regard for the law and fail in their duty of care to tenants.
We've had constant problems with these people ever since we rented a factory unit from them. A leaky roof cause damage to expensive raw materials and the wiring in our kiln. Then flooding caused by blocked drains resulted I almost £6K of damage to our fittings and fixtures and artworks.

This bunch of sheisters refused to give us their insurance company details, and so we are now being forced to sue them for damages. We cleared the valuable things out of the warehouse, and stopped paying rent. And wrote to them informing them of this. Again, no reply. And luckily for us that we'd emptied our unit because they then proceeded to unlawfully evict us by removing our padlocks and changing the locks.

So we're now having to act against them for unlawful eviction. What a bunch of shits. Avoid them like the plague, that's our advice!

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